Monday, August 02, 2004

Meet Morrie, the 'Healing Havanese'

This Web journal is dedicated to Morrie, a 4-yr. old Havanese, who was a quiet, but mighty force, in my battle with prostate cancer.

When I wrote a book about my battle and outcome in a little cabin on the shores of a Canadian lake, Morrie literally sat atop my head as I wrote. He was perched on top of my recliner so he could watch the animals outside the window.

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From my book jacket. No, that's not an aura atop my head. It's Morrie.

Morrie has since welcomed Chloe, a 1 yr. old all-black Havanese (and his 'niece' by lineage) into his household. The inspiration for this Journal is the book A Dog Year (at right). Like author Jon Katz, I don't believe that dogs can replace the power of your loving family and friends in battling prostate cancer. But, dogs do possess an amazing and unique alignment with you and your prostate health.
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Posted 9.26. Encouraging news this week: Dogs being trained to detect prostate and bladder cancer by sniffing urine. (Click thumbnail for larger.) Read More.

Image Sketchbook #1: Pups in Your Battle Against Prostate Cancer?

If you're like me, you might not like to read a lot about prostate cancer, because it's so hard to relate the info to your case. While spending six months at home with Morrie in my battle, I started altering old images, like pulp magazine covers, to relate to my situation. What follows are some quick -- and sometimes clumsy -- creations about pups and prostate cancer.

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As a Havana Silk Dog, Morrie has a long soft coat that made for great petting. See below for the benefit in petting.
Ladies, if the household dog(s) are ‘yours’, then get your man bonding with them just as much as you have.

While I’m not spiritual, I still surmise that you can feel healing energy from dogs.
No, they weren’t PC in 1946. Sorry, ladies, but it was just too weird not to use.

Don’t hesitate to adopt a pup from the pound. Most do a great job of screening and matching dogs to owners.
We’re sure you wife will understand when you want to stay home with the dog versus going out.

Ladies, if your husband has on blinders about getting or bonding with a dog, take matters into your own hands.

For reasons I can't explain, this 'photoshopped' image makes some viewers uncomfortable. It's about men giving women puppy dog looks for cowardly ignoring their health.

Although Morrie gets most of the attention on this Web site, in this sketch his housemate Chloe gets her due.

Why Pups for Prostate Cancer Sufferers?

I am a prostate cancer survivor, having fought the disease with an amazing outcome. I am also dog lover. And I am 100% convinced that -- as many esteemed health pros now profess -- a close and loving relationship with my pet was as responsible as anything for this outcome.

I have another Web site -- -- that is experimenting with funny pictures as a way to alert men under 40 to the prostate and its health for their later life. It's a serious mission, with a light touch.

This site is more personal, casual and, admittedly, over-the-top about my now two dogs and what they mean to my family & me when it comes to our continued good health.

If you have cancer, I encourage you to open yourself to any and all approaches -- traditional, spirtual, alternative, etc. -- that may help your outcome. Even if they don't, making the effort is important. Seeking these different paths, rather than putting your outcome in the hands of others, like one doctor, will keep you focused on the battle. And finding any excuse to smile or laugh is critical too.

But, since this is a personal journal, here is my plea to you: If you have a dog, spend as much time and get as close as you can to it. If you do not, get one as soon as possible and make certain that it bonds to you as 'your dog'.

Woof Woof
Kim Garretson

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Coming Soon: The Amazing 50 Year Story of Dogs' Sacrifices for Prostate Cancer Research

Image Sketchbook #2

In the quiet mornings at my house, while my amazing family sleeps, Morrie & Chloe rest under my arm up in a window sill looking out on our cul de sac. This is when I fool around with old pictures. Here are a few from recent days.

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Begrudging nod to cat lovers: OK, you can use feline therapy. But remember that only men and dogs can get prostate cancer.
We're excited that science is starting to prove what we sense about dogs and human health.

Some women may have to monitor their husbands' dog therapy to make certain it's carried through.

We hope these amazing men take time for dogs in their private lives.

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Obligatory Nutty Pet Owner's Cute Pics Gallery

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The Great Debate: Are Dogs the Only Non-Humans with Prostates?

We've read for years numerous references to the fact that only men and male dogs have prostates. Now, some viewers of this site are starting to squawk about us making this contention. One even asked: "What about ferrets?" Uh, alright, if your busy life affords you the opportunity to start a debate on ferrets' glands, we'll enlist other viewers. Below are some links For & Against the existence of non-dog prostates. If you care to comment, just click the word Comment at the lower right.

You'd better believe it. My dog is alone in the animal kingdom in our gland-sharing."

Sounds credible?

Any site called UFacts can't be wrong!

Phil is in the dog-only camp.

Wrong! Other animals have prostates (links obviously authored by ferret and cat lovers).

Ok, so you have Veterinary in your site name?

And you have "Cloned Mules" in your site name?